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Who We Are

A few years back we launched, what’s now, the largest young professional community on the west coast (composed of the most distracted generation in history)  and managed to keep their attentionOur mission was to connect individuals, not just to each other, but to the products and resources that mattered to themall while  maintaining the organic nature of the community. 

We realized,  we have a knack for this  kind of stuff. 

OUR  PASSION FOR  COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN BUSINESSES, AND THE PEOPLE THEY INTEND TO SERVE, IS WHAT MAKES US, US.  Your business needs an engagement strategy and an authentic way to connect to your community.   Stop  trying  to  get  your  audience  to  take action where they don’t spend their time. Join us and we'll engage them where they already are. 

A Short Story from our Team...

Part 1

We found a gap... and took on the responsibility to bridge it.

About nine years ago we set out to create a community of entrepreneurs and young professionals who could rely on us to make necessary connections, helping them grow their respective networks. 


Ahmad C

Founder / CEO

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