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Chief Development Officer


Seattle, WA


Senior Level


This job was posted on:

Aug 5, 2019

FareStart is recruiting a Chief Development Officer (CDO) to its Senior Leadership Team. The CDO will be responsible for planning, developing, and maintaining a comprehensive private fundraising program on behalf of the FareStart, while enhancing the mission and vision established by the Board of Directors. This critical role will also oversee FareStart’s marketing and communication and 3,500+ volunteer program.

The CDO will set the stage for high performance, encourage personal initiative, accountability, and responsibility at all levels across the Development team. The CDO will ensure that FareStart is serving our mission, building long-term / donor-centered philanthropic partnerships while contributing to the financial health of the organization through development, marketing and community engagement activities.

FareStart’s CDO will be driven by enthusiasm and passion for FareStart’s mission and excited by the opportunity to further the organization through innovative fundraising strategies and successful relationship management. This role requires an authentic leader with strong interpersonal skills who can deploy fresh, supportive energy where needed. Strong emotional and cultural intelligence is crucial to communicate effectively and respectfully with staff, key stakeholders, board of directors, and the population FareStart serves - all of whom bring diverse racial, educational, and socio-economic backgrounds to the organization. The role requires a deep understanding of how the varied needs of these groups differ and intersect to foster an inclusive culture that prioritizes the needs of each audience without bias.

CDO will focus on departmental excellence and will lead staff through the lens of a servant leader who considers people and their professional development as the top priority. CDO will manage and coach four or more direct reports.

Key responsibilities:

  • Work with the CEO, staff, and Board of Directors to facilitate short and long-term fundraising and marketing/communications strategic plans.
  • Identify and address development issues that affect the well-being and efficacy of the organization.
  • Foster a culture of philanthropy and ensure that fund development is executed in keeping with the organization's values, vision, and mission.
  • Participate with the CEO to plan the organization's fund development course and programs.
  • Ensure department operations function efficiently and oversee development activities in coordination with staff.
  • Establish a balanced mix of donor sources and fundraising programs to attract and retain donors.
  • Manage a portfolio of corporate, foundation and individual high capacity donors.
  • Establish performance measures, monitor results, and evaluate the efficacy of the fund development, marketing / communications and volunteer programs.
  • Maintain accountability and ensure compliance with all regulations and laws, as well as the code of ethics for fundraising professionals.
  • Help to recruit, train, and motivate fundraising volunteers, including Board of Directors.
  • Keep abreast of developments in philanthropy, fund development and incorporate innovative strategies.
  • Prepare, submit, and manage budget effectively; provide budget forecasts throughout budget year.
  • Coach and develop of staff

Key qualifications:

  • Minimum of 10 years of professional experience in fundraising leadership with proven track record of success.
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience managing marketing/communications programs.
  • 5+ years managing and developing teams.
  • Strong interpersonal, decision-making, and leadership skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Analytical thinking and ability to analyze data.
  • The ability to attract, retain and grow key talent.
  • Strong ability to lead through periods of ambiguity.
  • Exceptional business acumen.
  • A record of successfully creating large scale partnerships and significant revenue generation.
  • A passion for FareStart’s mission.
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience

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